What You’ll Learn

Welcome to LeadQuizzes Academy where we will show you our tricks of the trade to help you run a successful quiz campaign that generates tons of new leads.

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    Class Curriculum
    • Video 1: Welcome To The LeadQuizzes Academy
    • Video 2: How To Build Your Outcomes In LeadQuizzes
    • Video 3: How To Write Your Quiz Questions
    • Video 4: How The Default Quiz Logic Works
    • Video 5: How To Use The Logic Branching Feature
    • Video 6: How To Capture Leads With Your Quiz
    • Video 7: How To Present An Offer To Your Quiz Takers
    • Video 8: How To Customize The Look And Feel Of Your Quizzes
    • Video 9: Ways To Promote Your Quiz
    • Video 10: How To View Your Leads In LeadQuizzes
    • Video 11: How To Download A CSV Of Your Quiz Leads
    • Video 12: How To Create And View The Results Of A Split Test
    • Video 13: How To See Where People Are Dropping Off In Your Quiz
    • How To Make Images For LeadQuizzes Without Photoshop!
    • Video 15: Creating a Follow Up Sequence