Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome To The LeadQuizzes 3 Academy
    • A brief overview of what will be covered in the course!
  • 2
    How To Get Started Creating a Custom Quiz
    • Learn what steps you need to take first in order to create your custom quiz.
  • 3
    How To Add A Cover Page To Your Quiz
    • Learn how to add a custom cover page to your quiz.
  • 4
    How To Add Custom Questions To Your Quiz
    • Discover the three different styles of questions and how you can use them throughout your quiz.
  • 5
    How To Capture Leads Using Your Quiz
    • Learn all about the how to create a form that captures your quiz takers information and turns them into a lead!
  • 6
    How To Add Videos, Images, or Text As Steps In Your Quiz
    • Learn how you can break up the question taking with interactive videos, text or images.
  • 7
    How To Create Custom Results
    • Learn how to create custom results with CTA for your quiz takers that they will see after taking the quiz.
  • 8
    How To Make Sure Your Quiz Takers Get The Correct Result
    • Learn how to score your quizzes so your quiz takers get the correct result at the end.
  • 9
    How To Customize The Look & Feel Of Your Quiz
    • Discover different ways that you can customize the look and feel of your quiz.
  • 10
    How To Share Your Quiz
    • Learn about the different share options for your quiz.
  • 11
    How To Update & Customize Your Quizzes Settings
    • Learn how to update meta information, you privacy policy and cookie tracking for your quiz.
  • 12
    How To Make Your Privacy Policy Required In Your Quiz
    • Learn how to add your privacy policy as a required consent field within your quiz.
  • 13
    How To Connect Your Quiz To Your Favorite Softwares Using Zapier
    • Learn how to connect your quiz to your CRM, email marketing software and more through our Zapier integration.
  • 14
    How To Install The Embed & Tracking Pixel On Your Site
    • Learn the importance of installing the embed and tracking pixel and how you can add it to your site.
  • 15
    How To Embed Your Quiz On To Your Page
    • Learn the different ways you can add your quiz to your own web page. Dornubari Vizor avatar.
  • 16
    How To Analyze Insight & Response Reporting
    • Understand how to analyze your insights and responses reporting for your content.
  • 17
    Understanding Logic Branching Functionality
    • Learn the different ways you can personalize the experience of your quiz takers journey with logic branching functionality.
  • 18
    How To Segment Your Leads In Your Favourite Software Using Zapier
    • Learn how you can segment your leads in your favorite email marketing software using Zapier.
  • 19
    How to Activate LeadQuizzes 3 Website Popup on Your Website
    • Learn how to configure LeadQuizzes 3 website popup on your website. Part 1
    • Learn how to configure LeadQuizzes 3 website popup on your website. Part 2